Frequently Asked Questions
I just purchased Onward for my Quest 1. Can I receive a refund?

Based on the date of purchase, refunds would be based on the Meta Quest store's current refund policy.

Will refunds be issued to all Quest 1 players?

Refunds are subject to the Meta Quest Content Refund Policy. For more information, please visit

Will I lose all my game data?

Players on Quest devices will need to remake loadouts, gunstock calibrations, and settings on any new device or upon any reinstall of the game.

What devices support Onward?

Onward is supported natively on Meta Quest Pro and Meta Quest 2. It is also supported on devices through the Oculus Home PCVR and SteamVR platforms.

Can I still play older versions of Onward on Quest 1 or will it become completely unsupported? / What functionality will still be available?

Onward will no longer be playable on Quest 1 after July 31st 2023.

How long can someone wait to buy a Quest 2 and still have their Onward game accessible?

Your Onward game copy will not expire and will be available the next time you choose to play on a supported device.

What will the experience be for Quest 1 users after support is ended?

On July 31st, 2023 and after customers who launch the game on Quest 1 will see an immediate message popup indicating that their headset is no longer supported. Customers who own a Quest 1 and are looking to buy Onward will not be able to find it/search for it in store. You can continue playing Onward using your Quest 1 through the Oculus Home (PCVR) version. The Oculus home version is available to players who own the Quest app version via Cross-Buy.

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